The Morning After

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Gold cigerette box of The Morning After our signature blend. Calm your inner soul with this organic blend of lavender and mint. By aiding the relaxation of your muscles from head to toe, any tension will cease to exist. This minty fresh blend will ease away the stresses of your day, or night.

The Morning After is a 100% herbal and flower mix consisting of;

Lavender: a natural sleep aider that brings peace to body and mind, relaxing muscles and lets you drift off. Also, beneficial for relieving the symptoms of a cold.

Mint: a calming herb that helps to give up smoking and stop tobacco cravings while sharpening the mind. 


We use organic rizla papers to roll our Bohemian Smokes. Recommended for use in ceremony, recreation or rituals there is no nicotine & no tobacco in the smokes. Each hand rolled Bohemian Smoke is 100% organic herbal blends.


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